Can l take CBD before exercising? Three things you should know

If you are the type that like working out in order to get in shape and you are always on the hunt to try new products that would help enhance your fitness routine, then CBD has shown a great deal of promising result.

Increasing demand for CBD products

The demand for CBD products has increased rapidly for good reasons the study of CBD has shown that you can derive tons of potential health benefits from it. Even though, there is no accurate research on how CBD can improve exercise recovery, there are still valid reasons to believe that it could help.

Some of the benefits of CBD like fighting aches, pain and inflammation make it a go-to supplement for athletes. A report made in 2018 has shown t hat CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, is an effective way to relieve soreness caused during exercise as well as shorten the recovery time following a workout. Read on to find out more.

CBD for athletes since 2018

Although, CBD can help eliminate feeling of anxiety and physical pain, it does not add anything rather it helps you feel focused and energized. If you are afraid to use CBD thinking it might react negatively, fear not has it will aid your post and pre-workout recovery.

CBD has been legal for athletes to use since 2018, during the world anti-doping agency( WADA) where they removed only CBD from the list of prohibited substance that can be used in competitions.

Naturally CBD exist in our body, scientists have also identified it has endocannibinoid that modulates the activities of neurons, so consuming CBD would only increase the activity of your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Here are some of the benefits of CBD for athletes;

• CBD helps athletes relieve pain from the exercise
• CBD helps to eliminate the use of NSAIDS (which could increase the risk for heart attack and stroke) with minimal side effects.

Before using CBD as an athlete, there are 3 things or facts you should consider before using it.

1. The type of CBD you can take before or after you work-out.

The answer is that it all depends on the type of CBD product you plan to use and when you plan to use it, but it is advisable to use the one that would help you during your work-out session and make sure it is verified by a third-party so you would know what you are getting.

2. CBD can help as pain-relieving substance and for inflammation after physical activity.

The use of CBD by athletes is use to reduce some of the painful side effect caused by muscle recovery, without the ability of the muscle fibers to heal themselves CBD serves as a natural remedy at relieving pain and promoting muscle recovery after exercise.

3. The time CBD may take to kick in.

It is important to note that CBD can help tremendously when taken either before or after work out, as it helps athletes function efficiently. The best way to figure out what does works for you is to start low and try it before and after the workout to determine which one works best for you.